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Frisky Mermaid at Florida House Inn, Fernandina - 55J

The Frisky Mermaid Bar & Grille, located in the Florida House Inn is a great place to stop for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or a little libation and a night of live music.

The Frisky Mermaid has a variety of seating options, from both indoor and outdoor tables to indoor and outdoor bars... they'll even cater to your every need atop the rear balcony.

On our stay at the Florida House Inn we chose to to relax on the rear balcony (just outside our room). There we enjoyed a little wine from their extensive wine list, an order of fried calamari and some spicy buffalo wings. We were somewhat disappointed with the wings that had a bit more "zing" than we prefer. There was however, no disappointment in the wine or the service. Our waitress Kendall treated us as though we were the only patrons that night and provided prompt, above and beyond service.

While enjoying a drink atop the balcony, we watched a couple families gather for the Frisky Mermaid family-style fried chicken dinner. Plate after plate of fried chicken and sides were brought to the table (available to groups of 4 or more). We definitely will have to order the chicken on our next trip.

The next morning we visited the Frisky Mermaid again. Have I mention they have great coffee? Yes, get that attitude adjustment with a great cup of coffee on the inn's front verandah or in the courtyard out back. Add to that a hearty southern-style breakfast, compliments of the inn, (another benefit of staying at the inn) and you've got the start of a great day.

Great service and healthy portions.... you can't go wrong.

The Frisky Mermaid gets a
out of 6, but... I bet that will change when we go back and try the family-style chicken and sides.

The Frisky Mermaid is located in the
Florida House Inn,
20 & 22 South 3rd St.
Amelia Island, Fl

or on the web at:

Florida House Inn... read review

out of 6.

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