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Amelia Island, Fernandina, Fernandina Beach - 55J

We've come to that time of the year when the sun sets a bit earlier, the air is cool & crisp, and the afternoon thunderstorms are no longer. That was the weekend of October 14th.

Our first thought was Key West. We've been wanting to visit for almost two years, but it's "always something." And, once again, it was something else.

Just to the west of the keys lay a fairly large area of disturbed weather and the forecast... grim. So, we packed a bag and headed to the extreme opposite corner of Florida, Amelia Island - Fernandina Beach 55J

From KBOW to 55J was a little over two hours (due to a 15 kt. headwind) and we arrived around noon. The staff at the FBO were extremely friendly and helpful with information about the island. They handed us the keys to their courtesy car and directions to a restaurant in the historic district (about a 10 minute ride).

We arrived downtown historic Fernandina to find the streets lined with shops, restaurants and a few watering holes. Traffic wasn't too bad and we quickly found a parking spot on the main thoroughfare, Centre Street. It was recommended we eat at Brett's Waterway Cafe, but we decided to search the side streets for that perfect "hole in the wall" cafe. We found La Bodega just off Centre, half a block down 3rd St., across from the Florida House Inn. read our review >>>

We were pleasantly surprised by the historic district, so we decided to find a place to spend the night. While surfing the internet the night before our flight, I read about the Florida House Inn. After a late lunch at La Bodega we headed across the street to the inn. Read more about the Florida House Inn >>>

The Fernandina excursion has to be at the top of our list. It's reminiscent of St. Augustine - KSGJ, but because it's covers a much smaller area, it is easier to get around, less crowded and just a darn right a peaceful laid-back town.

Take a ride on one of the many horse carriages, hop on a rented moped or go on foot. There's plenty to do to easily fill a weekend, or just sit back and relax. Whatever you're looking for, be it antiques, art galleries, shops or pubs, you'll find it in the 50+ blocks that make up the historic district.

Below are a few sights from around town.

Fernadina Beach, rich in it's history, beauty and natural charm, is a "must visit" Florida fly-to paradise destination.

Florida House Inn... Read our review

Frisky Mermaid... Read our review

La Bodega.... Read our review

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