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Dock Street Depot, George T Lewis Airport, Cedar Key (KCDK)

During our visit to Cedar Key, we found that the downtown area had several restaurants from which to choose.  We wanted “Seafood with a view” and were directed by some locals to Dock Street Depot.

Dock Street Depot is in the middle of the block on the main drag in downtown Cedar Key.  It is on the water with a second floor porch that overlooks the pier.  We sat on the porch and watched the pelicans land on the pier and the dolphins jump out in the bay. 

Our meal received mixed reviews from my husband and I.  His clams were excellent.  His seafood platter was fair, a bit on the greasy side. 

I was excited to try the “homemade” honey mustard vinegarette salad dressing, suggested by our server.  It was more vinegarette than honey-mustard.  The spicy chicken sandwich was good but was really in need of more salsa. 

Overall, we had a pleasant experience.  Wait staff was helpful and prompt.  A check of the bathrooms found them to be clean.  The interior of the restaurant is small and not a lot of atmosphere.  You can comfortably dine in shorts and t-shirts. 

Although we would not be opposed to dining again at the Dock Street Depot, with so many other places to choose from, we’ll probably try somewhere else on our next visit to Cedar Key.

out of 6

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Comparable to the Seafood Depot and Market in Everglades City...

by - srl

out of 6 (their clams) - jdl

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