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Frog's Landing, George T Lewis Airport, Cedar Key (KCDK)

On our second visit to Cedar Key we decided to give Frog's Landing a try... Located on the main drag, a.k.a. restaurant row, Frog's is about a block down from the Dock Street Depot.

As it seems, with most of the restaurants in Cedar Key, many of the menu items are fried. My wife ordered a "specialty" appetizer (as she protrayed as "looking like French Fries" - below). These golden nuggets, made with corn and then deep fried, she further described as "tasted nasty".

I chose to sample Frog's shrimp cocktail and crab bisque. The shrimp was soft and salty, in other words, it wasn't the freshest.

On the other hand, the bisque is absolutely fabulous. In fact, it's almost worth making the trip for another bowl (then have dinner elsewhere).

The reviews on this destination are not mixed, as was our last visit. The Fettuccine Alfredo (below) was plentiful and could best be described as a mediocre "ok" and my FRIED seafood platter (bottom) wasn't worth the wait, service or cost.

All-in-all we probably won't go back to Frog’s. The wait staff made rare appearances between the delivery of somewhat passable food.  A check of the bathrooms found them to be dirty and unpleasantly aromatic.  The interior of the restaurant, decorated with Frog's Landing T-shirts and caricature maps for sale had the atmosphere of dining at the GAP.  It was surprisingly packed considering what we had just experienced (unless everyone was just there for the bisque).

So, after several minutes of waiting for our server to bring us our check we were able to flag down the manager, paid our bill and headed back to the airport.

out of 6 (only because I can't cut the little plane in half and the bisque was really quite good)

Comparable to the Seafood Depot and Market in Everglades City... or the Dock Street Depot just a few doors down the street..

by - jdl

out of 6 (their crab bisque) - jdl

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last update 08/29/2005

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