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Seabreeze Restaurant, George T Lewis Airport, Cedar Key (KCDK)

Great restaurant, good food, good value and excellent service.

As usual, we opted to walk from the airport to restaurant row. It's a brisk 45 minute walk, but there's plenty to see and often many people along the route to visit.

The restaurant is located on the second floor. There's plenty of seating and great views.

Within minutes Jessica, our waitress, was at the table with menus and ready to take drink orders.

To begin our meal, we tried their Soup of the Day, a Potato Bacon (top right), and their signature Clam Chowder (lower left). Both were an easy 4 and 5 rating.

Next, we selected an order of alligator bites. It was interesting it came with Cattlemen's BBQ sauce which in my taste, just doesn't go well with gator. As good as the soups, and the following meals, I'm sure they could have created something more appealing than BBQ sauce.

For my meal I asked Jessica what was their house specialty to which she said replied, "have you ever tried our roasted clams?"

The roasted clams were excellent. They come about 16 to an order with a bowl of garlic butter broth and hushpuppies. A side also comes with the meal and I ordered the onion rings... also excellent.

My wife selected the Grouper fingers with French fires. As you can see the onion rings and fries (below) are hearty portions. The Grouper was also excellent.

In addition to the wonderful service, and without asking, a carafe of both tea and water were brought to the table.

From sit down to the first spoonful of soup was under 12 minutes. Once again, the portions hearty and the price a mere $ 36.00 including tip.

This is what I call a true Flying Florida destination.

out of 6

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by jdl

last update 01/27/2008

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