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Chalet Suzanne, Lake Wales (X25) -

Chalet Suzanne is a unique experience in fine dining.  The restaurant and inn sits off the road in a quiet setting on a small lake in Lake Wales, Florida.  As you enter the restaurant, you’ll notice it is decorated in an eclectic array of antiques and memorabilia.  The walls are adorned with past write-ups and dining awards.  There’s even a display of famous patrons, which included actors, politicians and astronauts.  There is definite theme of an Old Swiss Chalet, as demonstrated by the dress of the wait staff. 

We visited Chalet Suzanne for lunch on a Sunday.  We were seated at a table that overlooked the small lake. 

The 4 course lunch menu offers 8 selections, ranging from salads to thermidors.  My husband chose the King Crab Thermidor while I chose the Chicken Salad.  

All lunches start with a broiled grapefruit appetizer.  This was both different and delicious.  The grapefruit came slightly warm and dusted on top with a cinnamon/sugar mixture. 

The second course was their famous “Moon Soup”, named so because it was selected by NASA to be aboard Apollo 15 and 16 on their trips to the moon.  Moon Soup is a romaine soup with mushrooms and blend of spices.  Both my husband and I enjoyed this uniquely tasty soup.  Moon Soup is one of 13 gourmet soups that are made and shipped from Chalet Suzanne’s cannery that is on the premises.  Moon Soup is the only one served at the restaurant. 

Between the second and third course, fresh homemade potato rolls and whipped butter are brought to your table.  Just before the main entrée is served, you have an opportunity to clean you palate with some Lemon Ice. 

My husband’s King Crab Thermidor (below) was served in a small crock, which the waitress served over a puff pastry.  Sides included a grilled tomato and broccoli.  The serving was plentiful, enough for two helpings and “the best King Crab Thermidor” my husband has ever had. 

My Chicken Salad was equally good (below).  It was full of large chunks of chicken, along with egg, walnuts and sliced almonds.  The spices used gave it a slightly sweet taste.  My Chicken Salad came with a tomato aspect and orange aspect, fruit, and cottage cheese.  It was more than I could eat.

The final course was dessert.  We chose a slice of chocolate cream pie (below) and a chocolate cake that contained layers of baked meringue.  Both were excellent with a cup of fresh brewed coffee.

Lunch took about an hour and a half.  Prices for lunch run $29 to $39 per entrée.  If you want a lighter fare, you can get their Soup and Sandwich for $19.   Chalet Suzanne also serves, breakfast ($16 – $17), and dinner ($59 - $79).   The food was plentiful and the service very good.  You can learn more about Chalet Suzanne at their web site

out of 6

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