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07/05/06 - Flying Florida - The Plantation Inn told FF they will continue to provide ground transportation to and from KCGC - Crystal River airport.

04/15/06 PILOT REPORT - Plantation Inn, Crystal River KCGC

We've been told that the Plantation Inn will no longer provide transportation to and from the airport. We'll get the details and post them on the review page.

Plantation Inn Restaruant, Crystal River (KCGC)

This is a great place to drop in for brunch.   The restaurant, which is located to the back of the Inn, has wonderful views of the gazebo, gardens, pool and river. The inn is just a couple miles from the airport and can be walked, but if you call they will pick you up.

The grounds of Plantation Inn are very well manicured and the buildings stately.  I apologize, but at this time we have no information to add regarding lodging or golf.  We hope to get back in '06 to spend a weekend and discover all this west coast oasis has to offer.

The Plantation Inn Golf Resort entry (above) and lounge (below).

Now on to the brunch. With a wide variety of choices, I stuck with a few of my favorites, such as Eggs Benedict, a made-to-order omelet, roast beef and some fresh fruit.  The food was really good, in fact, this is one of the best brunches we've found in our quest for Florida's $100 hamburgers.

The food was really good, the service was excellent and the facility was nicely decorated.  The atmosphere was likewise very pleasant and unhurried. And the price moderate, if I recall, around $20 per person.  This place is a keeper....  When you need a sure thing, this is the place to visit (in other words, if you want good everything and no transportation worries).

The Plantation Inn Golf Resort's restaurant is well deserving of this rating...

out of 6

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by - jdl

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