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"World Famous" Oyster House Restaurant, Everglades City (X01) - This destination can be described with just one word, "Expensive".

It had been a year or so since our last trip to Everglades City when we dined at the Rod & Gun Club. While researching other possible dining locations I came across this little pearl. Being a short 15 minute walk from the airport and the possibility of "oysters" and of course being "World Famous", we had to give it a shot.

If you could walk from the south end of the runway, it'd be probably a 5 min hike to the "World Famous" Oyster House Restaurant, however, the airport manager refused to let us take the short cut.

Walking from the airport, turn right when you get to Hwy. 29 S. and the restaurant is just down on the left. This establishment also offers cabin rentals (which look quite nice) and boat rentals. There's also Ceeboo's Rock Bottom Bar next door if your not sitting left seat or if you're spending the night.

Ok, here we are in the "World Famous" Oyster House Restaurant, which means, I've got to try the oyster. The results --> $ 7.37 including tax for 6 small pre-shucked oysters?!? Must be darn good at a little more than a buck a piece? Nope. They were not anywhere close to a freshly shucked Apalachicola oyster. They were just "OK".

For the main dish we decided to try their "Create Your Own Fried Platter". Choose from Gator, Scallops, Grouper, Clams, Shrimp, Oysters, Blue Crab or Frog Legs. We selected Scallops, Grouper and Clams. The meal also comes with a salad, Hushpuppies (ours only had one), French fries and some sort of soggy vegetable medley. With two warm Iced Teas and two narrow slices of Key Lime pie the ticket came to $ 42.01 That was for one lunch not two!!! They even charged us $5.00 for "Plate Split".

The plate had, as far as seafood, 4 Bay Scallops, 4 Grouper fingers and a small pile of fried clams. Not much food for $ 22.95 (not including the $5 plate split).

All totalled for one appetizer, two teas, one meal, two thin pieces of pie and the appropriate tip
$ 56.38.

Maybe I had gotten a bit edgy with the price of aviation fuel, thereby a waning attitude, thereby slamming the "World Famous" Oyster House Restaurant on their prices ??? If we had both ordered the same appetizer and meal rather than splitting a platter it would have been about an $ 80 lunch... You be the judge. Oh yea, they charge for water. It only comes bottled.

Ok, let me lighten up a bit. The Scallops, Clams and Grouper fingers were very tasty. I'd have to say that they might have been some of the best Scallops and Grouper I've ever eaten.

Maybe the "World Famous" Oyster House Restaurant could quit giving away free menus, sell all the memorabilia covering the walls, then lower their prices a bit; and put enough ice in your glass to keep your drink cold.

However, to be completely honest, the food seafood is definitely:

out of 6

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by - jdl

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