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Everglades Seafood Depot and Market, Everglades City (X01)

The sign caught my eye.... mmmmmm.... fresh stone crab and waterfront dining.... can't get any better than that....or can it?

I guess I need my eyes checked or it must have been wishful thinking, because it doesn't say "Fresh".... and another 40+ minutes later I wish I had gone somewhere else...

Getting seated took some time, likewise, getting served. I can't say much more for the food, but that's what this site is all about: Where to fly for good food, good golf, or just a good time.

The crab appetizer...

Maybe I picked the wrong day and/or the wrong selection. I do have to say, it's got nice outdoor seating areas (both screen and open air) with a great view...

We'll give them another try on a return trip...

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by - jdl

last update 02/19/2005

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