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Compass Rose Diner, Polk City

Step back into the 30's and enjoy some great food and fantastic fresh-made desserts in the nostalgic setting of the Compass Rose Diner; located in the Fantasy of Flight museum.

The burgers are absolutely fantastic (so good I even made a second trip back just for the burger).

And while you're enjoying one of their tasty entrees or desserts you can watch Waldo Wrights' Flying Service take passengers up in the sky for a scenic tour in one of their biplanes. Hot air balloon rides are also available. Both biplane and balloon rides are in additional to the museum's entrance fee.

Scrumptious fresh made desserts... Now that's something to write home about...

Unfortunately you cannot fly in to Fantasy of Flight (unless you're a group of planes with prior permission). All-in-all, it's a place worth seeing and a great place to eat.

out of 6

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by - jdl

last update 11/14/2005

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