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Indiantown Airport, Indiantown - X58

Located halfway between Palm Beach and Okeechobee, this historic town makes for a relaxing day or weekend getaway. The 6000' foot, privately owned, grass strip is very well maintain and there's plenty of parking (there is however a $ 10.00 landing fee, unless you buy gas).

Indiantown is home to the Seminole Inn, located a few miles from the airport. The Inn will pick you up and return you to the airport. We were fortunate to have the Inn's manager, Mike Myers, take us from the airport to the Inn, where he gave us the VIP tour. Read about the Seminole Inn and the Seminole Country Restaurant.

Below are a few pics of Indiantown Airport - X58

1996 Waco (above & below)

Seminole Inn.... read more

Seminole Country Restaurant.... read review

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