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Flora and Ella's Restaurant, La Belle - X14

Did someone say “Pie?"

This weekend we decided to try Flora’s and Ella’s Restaurant based on some local hanger talk.  “Good Country Cooking”, they said, "the kind that tastes sooooo good you’’ll wanna slap your daddy" and who doesn’t enjoy some GOOD southern-style comfort food every now and again.  I had also read online that it was in a building that looked like a log cabin. It sound interesting...

The log cabin we expected turn out to be a fairly large restaurant.  Painted bright yellow, it was fronted by a large covered porch complete, with rocking chairs and adorned with potted flowers.


Entry into the foyer makes you think you’ve walked into a Cracker Barrel restaurant.  The small store/cashier at the front of the building sells items to spice up your “southern” home décor.

Considering the place appeared busy, we were quickly seated by the hostess and within short time, Kim, our waitress was table-side with menus and descriptions of the daily specials.  The menu is loaded with southern-style comfort food choices and the prices very reasonable.  Though the Pot Roast Pie special sound really good, I was still hankering for a GOOD country-fried steak (after last weeks trip to Okeechobee (KOBE) - read Landing Strip Café review).


Flora’s and Ella’s offers a country-fried beef steak, so I figured it’d be a real piece of beef, tenderize, breaded, fried and smother with gravy.  In addition to the main course, you get a pick of three side dishes.  Mmmmmm... greens, beets, and slaw, with a double portion of country-fried steak, corn bread and cold drink is what I call "good country eating."


Flora and Ella's Restaurant is "southern-style comfort food". It's good, but personally, I thought the dessert was the real hit... oh, did someone say "PIE?" Let's not forget about the pies. Sorry, no pie pics, but I did try their coconut cream pie. Absolutely FANTASTIC !!!

Flora and Ella's Restaurant (863) 675-2891

Atmosphere - 4.0
Food - 3.0
Cleanliness - 4.0
Service - 4.0
Overall - 3.5

out of 6

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last update 03/25/2006

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