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Keys Fisheries , Marathon, The Florida Keys Marathon Airport (KMTH)

Be ready to pick a movie title when you order, because that's how you know when it's ready... Outdoor seating, a premium view of the gulf and some really great seafood makes the Keys Fisheries in Marathon the place to go...

KF was one of the first restaurants on Marathon to reopen after hurricane Wilma.

And while you're there, pick up some fresh caught fish, crab or lobster to go, because the Keys Fisheries also has a seafood market in the same building.

The Keys Fisheries' menu offers a wide variety of fish, stone crab, Florida lobster, shrimp and plenty of other eats for the landlubber too.

There's plenty of outdoor seating around the restaurant and marina, all providing an impressive view of the gulf. Enjoy a cold beverage and soak in the sun as you wait for your movie title to be called.

Oh yea baby... a stuffed Florida lobster (below) was my choice for our first visit to the Keys Fisheries on Marathon; though a lobster Rubin sure sounded tasty too. The lobster Rubin is one of the Fisheries specialty as evidenced by the sign "45,961 Rubins Sold-To-Date."

Will we go back? You betcha... I just gotta their lobster Rubin.

The Keys Fisheries Market & Marina is open daily 11:30 am - 9:00 pm.

Oh, by the way, everything on their menu is available for take-out or shipment. Visit the Keys Fisheries Market & Marina website for more information -

out of 6.

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by - jdl

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