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Marathon, The Florida Keys Marathon Airport (KMTH)

With a fair tailwind, we clipped along over southern Florida and the open waters of the gulf and arrived at Marathon in just under 2 hours from Bartow (KBOW)

Having just suffered the wrath of hurricane Wilma, Marathon looked like a war zone. Though much of the grass and vegetation were killed by either the rising salt waters of the gulf or the winds of Wilma, the spirit of the FBO's staff were unscathed. Like our home base at Bartow, Marathon's Paradise Jet Support's employees were some of the friendliest and helpful folks we've been fortunate to meet in our travels around Florida.

When asked about a good place to eat, they quickly provided suggestions, directions and called for a cab. A short ride and a few bucks in fare, brought us to the Keys Fisheries for a late Sunday lunch.

Keys Fisheries.... read review

last update 11/12/2005

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