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Tailwind Cafe, Ocala (KOCF)

...the Tailwind Cafe, at Ocala International Airport's Jim Taylor Field is another of Florida's worthwhile fly-to places to dine...

Model aircraft, military patches, and aviation art jumble the interior of this quaint little eatery.  Take a seat by the window and watch takeoffs and landings while you enjoy a thick and juicy beef burger.

The burger was hefty with all the usual fixing's, however I was a bit disappointed with the quality and quantity of onion rings.

My wife's salad was described as "the usual salad", "OK", "nothing special"...

So, here's the roundout - the service was good, the drinks were cold and the place was clean.  It's definitely a place to stop when traveling through the area or a when in search of the $100 burger.

out of 6

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by - jdl

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