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The Landing Strip Café, Okeechobee (KOBE)

The Landing Strip Café at Okeechobee’ County Airport would be more appropriately named Landing Strip cafeteria. Business was booming Sunday when we decided to try this infamous fly-in destination. We arrived around noon and walked into the nearly “filled to capacity” restaurant. The only open seat was an empty table inside with the last patron’s empties and tip still on the table.

The Landing Strip Café seats about 60+ inside and another 20+ under a covered porch overlooking the tarmac and runway.

The menu was typical of a cafeteria offering a dozen main entrees and half a dozen side dish selections.  Having lived in Texas for many years the chicken fried steak (country fried steak as ya’ll know it) caught my eye. It had been a while since having a “good” chicken fried steak. Both my wife and I had to order one.

Our waitress arrived after just a few minutes and was very apologetic for the mess.  She was friendly and helpful; and quickly took our order.  To our surprise our meal arrived in short order.  The food was hot and was “OK” (it was reminiscent of cafeteria food).  The speed in which it arrived was an indication it was not prepared to order.  A later look at the kitchen revealed the production line operation.

The Country Fried Steak was processed meat, in other words, it was not a breaded beef cutlet.  The white gravy was sufficient and combined with the sides made for a hearty portion.  The side dishes were likewise typical of a cafeteria, having had the consistency of food that had been prepared well in advance.  For example, the spinach was soft and mushy.

Cornbread accompanied each meal and was pretty darn good. I caught a glimpse of what looked like pot roast going to a nearby table.  It was a generous portion of beef, smothered in gravy with potatoes, and it looked tasty.

By the time we had finished our meal the line had formed out the door.  I asked our waitress if they were always this busy and she reply, “Every Saturday and Sunday”. 

Atmosphere - 2.0
Food - 3.0
Cleanliness - 2.5
Service - 4.0
Overall - 3.0

out of 6

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by - jdl

last update 03/05/2006

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