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SkyView Cafe, Punta Gorda, Charlotte County Airport - KPGD

We had heard many good things about the cafe, located on the field at Punta Gorda, so on a lazy Sunday afternoon we took a flight down to give them a try.

When we entered the restaurant, about 30 minutes before closing, no one greeted us. We took it upon ourselves to find a seat and then we waited... and waited. After about 10 minutes a waitress brought us a menu and took our drink order.

This being a quest for the $100 hamburger, a juicy burger was in order. I ordered mine medium-rare with bacon, Swiss, mushrooms, jalapeños, and a side of fries.

Our burgers arrived is short time, however, cooked well-done. We were not offered any condiments and our waitress hurried off leaving us on our own to hunt down a bottle of ketchup. The French fires were the typical fries and the burger was over-cooked and dry.

While dining, another waitress proceeded to entertain us by vacuuming the floor around our feet. The only time we saw our waitress again was in the middle of our meal when she came to our table asking us to pay so she could leave.

I had hoped we could give a better report and add to the list of great fly-to destination, but not this time. We talked with a couple "regulars" that frequent the cafe weekly and they had only praise for the SkyView Cafe. Our entire experience was very disappointing, saved only by our trip home, a pleasant, low altitude, flight along Florida's west coast.

Restaurant on field.... The SkyView Cafe provides full-service sit-down dining. The cafe is located next to the Eastern Avionics' facility.

Atmosphere - very little
Service - poor

of 6

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by - jdl

If anyone has info about others places to eat in Punta Gorda, please let us know. Thanks

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