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Sebring Regional Airport, Sebring (KSEF) - on the field

Peppercorn's Restaurant (formerly Michael's Runway Cafe) - We are not doing a full reivew of Peppercorn's until our next trip back. They were serving from a modified menu that would allow them to get their doors open and service the Sport Light Expo. When we attended the Expo they had been open 2 days.

They are probably serving from their Peppercorn's menu as of this writing. 02/15/08

Philly Chicken Cheese (top) and Rubin w/ fries (bottom)

Their food was good, as was the service. But in the future, don't expect to get a burger in Sebring. We had a glimpse of the Peppercorn's menu and hamburgers (as well as the Rubin above) will not be on the menu.

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by - jdl

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