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Acapulco Mexican Restaurant, St. Augustine (KSGJ)

Located at 12 Avenida Menedez, on the east side of the Historic District, Acapulco offers authentic Mexican cuisines; and from the second floor balcony, a magnificent view of Matanzas Bay and Anastasia Island.

...first floor indoor dining (below)

...a second floor balcony view of "Matanzas Bay" and the "Bridge of Lions" (below)

The day of our visit was also the last day of Bike Week (down the road in Dayton) and most restaurants were quite busy. Running short on time, so we decided to indulge ourselves with just an appetizer of Acapulco's Nacho Supreme. Myself, being a connoisseur of nachos, I must say they were pretty darn good. The beef was tastefully seasoned and the sauted onions topped off this dish. The appetizer, which was fairly large, is practically a meal in itself.

I've also heard the Marguerites are extremely good...

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant is open for lunch & dinner - 7 days a week.

out of 6.

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by - jdl

last update 03/14/2005

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