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St. Augustine, St. Augustine Airport (KSGJ)

Aero Sport has got to be the #1 FBO in Florida, and one of the best I've found nationwide. Fast and Friendly Service.

Allison's Fly-By Cafe is located on the field (I've read some great reviews about it) but we wanted to see the historic district.

When we arrived, we inquired about where to eat and shop. The staff were quick to call a cab and give us directions.

Before leaving the FBO, be sure to pick up some of the cards left by local businesses. Some offer discounts on meals, such as Acapulco Mexican Restaurant (10% off total bill up to 6 people).

A few minutes wait, a short cab ride and $10 (including tip) brought us just past the "City Gates" (below) to the heart of the historic district.

"Bridge of the Lions" (above & below)

...carriage rides (above), walking tours, tram tours, and
tour boat (below) are available around the city and the historic district.

Bike Week in Dayton Beach (KDAB) spread north as far as St. Augustine (below).

St. George Street in the Historic District.

St. Augustine Information Center in the "Plaza de la Constitution" (below)

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument (below)

St. Augustine is not an afternoon fly-in destination. With the Historic District home to many restaurants, taverns, and bed & breakfasts, this spot is ideal for a weekend or vacation getaway. We are looking forward to spending a couple days on our next trip back.

Do you love fudge? click here for Kilwin's located in the Historic District

Fly-By Cafe, Augustine

Pilot Report Dan G. -

Acapulco Mexican Restaurant... read review

Kilwin's... read review

last update 03/15/2005

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