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Honoluana Island Grill, Venice (KVNC)

We had heard about a new restaurant at Venice that had an unusual "Crunchy Grouper" sandwich (grouper - one of my favorites) so we had to go...

The restaurant is located right on the field. The decor is your typical Florida restaurant flair, but the food - ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC.

The restaurant has a second floor overlooking the tarmac which can accommodate special events or private parties.

Above - Spicy Chicken sandwich with bacon, pineapple and cheese, with a side of rice & beans...

Below - mmmmmm.... the Crunchy Grouper sandwich, fries and slaw (yes, it is 3 times the size of the bun).

This is definitely one of Florida's great fly-to dining destinations. I have to admit, it will be hard to pass this up and fly somewhere else to do a review.

Atmosphere - 3.5
Food - 6.0
Cleanliness - 4.5
Service - 5.0
Overall - 5.0

of 6

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by - jdl

last update 06/19/2006

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