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Cafe Panino, Lakeland - KLAL

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For those looking for a more upscale alternative to Tony's Airside (which is good!), Cafe Panino should do the trick. Located in the Silver State Helicopters building on the south side of the field, Cafe Panino offers delmonico steaks, pasta bolognese, panini sandwiches and other swanky dinner fare for corresponding prices (dinner can be $10-30 per person). The $19.99 all you can eat crab legs sounded great too! The physical atmosphere is that of a decent restaurant, not an airport joint, though chopper pilots are everywhere. The bar is impressive, but leave that for the land loving locals. The waitress was a little flustered, though the place was full. The food was good even though my dinner entree didn't come with a salad; or she forgot it? Panino was a pleasant experience and I would recommend it as an option, but average when it comes to memorability.

Jason L.

out of 6

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