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The Landing Strip Café, Okeechobee County Airport, Okeechobee - KOBE...

Launched from New Smyrna Beach on Sunday June 17 2007 for the usual breakfast run. It was a tossup, Lake Okechobee Municipal or Sebring for breakfast? I hadn't been to either yet. Turning South and looking at the sectional, it looked like KOBE was just a little closer - and we were hungry, time was of the essence!

No traffic in the pattern of this untowered airport, we were quickly down and taxiing to the abundant parking. We could see people seated in the "outdoor" section as we were shutting down.

It was surprisingly full inside at 9:50 a.m., and from the few planes outside it was easy to deduce that many locals drive over. The only thing aeronautical about the decor is a single propeller mounted behind the counter. We were quickly seated at a clean table as soon as a group left.

We had hot coffee, ice water and menus in no time, and within just a couple of minutes our order was taken. We ordered the fried eggs, pancakes, bacon and toast, which arrived quickly, was hot and prepared as requested. The waitress was attentive, kept our coffees topped off and was prompt with the check and cashing us out. I was surprised to note that by 10:30 the place was almost empty....the morning rush must end around then...

Taste: 3
Decor: 2
Quality: 3
Service: 4
Cleanliness: 3

Rating: 3

Dan Garley

out of 6

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