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Submitted on February 6, 2008 @ 4:06 pm

Two pilots from London wantd to come in last night for a $100 burger. They were told by the Owner, Gloria, they were going to be too late. Now that's customer service, huh? The burgers may be good but from what I have heard customers are treated like crap, some not even getting receipts unless requested. I have seen your previous posts where they don't even serve breakfast/lunch unless it's time for breakfast/lunch. Why? Aren't you in business to make your customers want to come back? Wouldn't good service make them come back? As I said, the food may be decent, but the way this place is run is a joke. I had been a customer until I found that this woman even fired her own neice, who moved there all the way from Ohio to support her daughter and disabled husband. If she treats her family like this how do you expect to be treated as a customer? I wouldn't go near this place unless your prepared to deal with an attitude.

John B.

out of 6

Submitted on December 27, 2007 @ 5:35 pm:

Stopped in for breakfast last weekend. Ended up with what you would expect from an on-field restaurant. Pancakes, eggs, toast, coffee, blah blah.

Heard rave reviews about the turkey melt. Requested it. Our waitress stated that we were too early for it, and that we could wait 90 minutes for the lunch menu. I asked her if the cook could make an exception to the breakfast times. She said, "no". She then went on about how bad her day was, and how poor her tips were. We fly machines that eat up 150 bucks of fuel an hour. I can burn through 20 dollars of fuel waiting for an ATC clearance. I have no problem leaving a 20 dollar tip for someone who can bend the rules and give us a lunch dish during breakfast. Hope management can adjust their menu schedules. I would really like to have the turkey melt that everyone keeps raving about.

Joe S.

out of 6

My second visit to Ocala and I'll definitely be back for more! Travolta's Qantas 707 was on field which was AWESOME. Only complaint was that lunch doesn't start until 11:00am - we arrived at 10:45am - so missed out on the turkey bacon melt. The pancakes were GREAT and the lunch eats on my first visit were memorable too. It's a solid place, though it has some other close by rivals!

Jason L.

out of 6

The Tailwinds Café at the Ocala Airport is a great place to fly for breakfast or lunch. Taxi over to the FBO, Landmark Aviation, and they will park your plane while you grab a bite to eat. The décor is definitely inspired by aviation as there are aviation photos and models of planes everywhere. I have ate there for breakfast and lunch several times and have always been satisfied. If you stop by for breakfast on the 3rd Saturday of the month, try to stay for the local EAA #812 meeting afterwards.

Rob S.

out of 6

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