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The Perfect Spot, Deland - KDED

“The Perfect Spot” restaurant is a cool destination for a fly-in meal. Announcements for sky divers to be ready in the boarding area in 5 minutes add to the fun-ness of the atmosphere. Stopped in for breakfast, sausage/egg/cheese bagel was served piping hot - a good thing! It was good, but boring yellow American cheese and definitely a Jimmy Dean sausage patty. Not a unique place when it comes to food. Also, has very much a bar atmosphere, even at 10:30am. It’s built like a bar, though tables are available (2 bar counters). A fun joint, but not a “must go back”! Would like to try for lunch or dinner.

Jason L.

Location: On the field

out of 6

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last update 08/29/2006

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