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Cockpit Cafe, Venice - KVNC

We arrived just after noon and were met on the ramp by a golf cart who showed us where to park. The driver chocked our nose gear while we climbed out. He directed us to the Cockpit Cafe, just a short walk away. We weren't looking for a large meal so we each had a chili and we shared a sandwich. The waitress was very nice and attentive even though the cafe was quite busy. The food was excellent and the bill and tip were less than $20. A nice flight from the east coast.

Pilot Report by Bob - out of 6

Submitted on December 26, 2009 @ 7:15 pm

The Landings Cafe, Naples - KAPF

The restaurant is in the FBO, I've been there twice already for lunch and it wasn't busy.It is a little expensive but all the food is made fresh to order. The place looked pretty clean decorated with football memorabilia and has a bar.

Pilot Report by Arther - out of 6

Submitted on October 9, 2009 @ 4:08 pm:

CLOSED - Brima's, Lakeland - KLAL

This restaurant closed on August 22, 2009.

Submitted on August 27, 2009 @ 8:33 pm:

This information has yet to be varified.

Cockpit Cafe, Venice - KVNC

This is a great place at a really nice uncontrolled field on Florida's beautiful west coast. You've got to try Jarda's cuban sandwich - the best I've ever had and I grew up in Tampa. For breakfast, try Jarda's bread. It's sure to please. Great ramp service, nice people, fabulous food, and it's 2 blocks away from gorgeous beaches.

Pilot Report by Douglas J. - out of 6

Submitted on April 30, 2009 @ 12:19 am:

Dock Street Depot, Cedar Key - KCDK

Of course, any trip to Cedar Key must include seafood. Dock Street Depot is one spot to satisfy that need. Both my wife and I ordered blackened grouper sandwiches. The portion was suffecient. The grouper was just slightly over cooked, but still good. Service was good. Drinks were refilled in a timely fashion and condiments were provided. The price is fair.

If you're gonna be in Cedar Key for the day, I would recommend renting at golf cart over the taxi. It won't cost much more and will enable you to get around a lot better.

Pilot Report by Tony B. - out of 6

Submitted on April 4, 2009 @ 3:35 pm:

CJ Cannons, Vero Beach - KVRB

While doing a majority of my flight training at Paris Air I ate at CJ Cannons regularly. I usually ordered the Cheese Steak. It runs about $8 and is WELL worth it. It is loaded with meat, along with the sandwich you get fries and a pickle. The service is "OK" nothing to brag about. They are in a newer (1 year old) facility. The atmosphere is great. Window seating to see active runways (11R-29L) and taxiways (Charlie). There is a Hertz rental car establishment there as well. There is not too much to see in Vero unless your staying at Disney's Vero Beach Resort.

Pilot Report by S. T. - out of 6

Submitted on April 2, 2009 @ 11:49 pm:

FBO - Ft. Myers Aviation Center, Ft. Myers - KFMY

One of the friendliest fields and FBO's in the state. I arranged my rental car the day before, and upon landing, was greeted and pointed directly to the car, waiting on the ramp. No landing fees. The CHEAPEST fuel I've ever seen delivered off of a truck. A great alternative to RSW. Easy to navigate to from all points north, since you don't come close to RSW. Ground and Tower a pleasure to work with. Only complaint was the Hertz car at 50 bucks a day. It was spring break though, and the counter staff said that this is the high price season for cars in the area.

A small town airfield feel at an airport under one of the states busiest class C airspaces.

Pilot Report by Joe S. - out of 6

Submitted on March 16, 2009 @ 9:18 am:

Jumbolair, Ocala - 17FL

Jumbolair is back with a great fly in brunch. The friendly staff offers excellent service with old Florida charm. You will rarely find a fly-in establishment as nice as this. Well worth the trip, don't miss the oppurtunity to enjoy Jumbolair's hospitality. Log onto their web-site for schedule, directions and reservations:

Pilot Report by Thomas - out of 6

Submitted on February 20, 2009 @ 8:25 pm:

Jumbolair, Ocala - 17FL

Over the last two years I have wanted to get to Jumbolair to enjoy what has a reputation as being the best $100 Hamburger destination in Florida. Finally, after some runway work the brunch is back on!

My wife and I arrived and immediately fell in love with the grounds. The parking apron has plenty of space is open to viewing others' aircraft, which is fun. We were taken immediately to the club house for brunch by a golf cart that pulled up as we were shutting down. The runway was rather busy, but everyone was using the CTAF well and the pattern flowed well. My only fly-in complaint is that the back taxi operation was a bit nerve racking...there's no taxiway (just a wide shoulder and you've got to cross between runway lights)...

Our company at a shared table was rather pleasant, as is to be expected with any group of pilots/aviation enthusiasts. Conversation was plenty, as was the food. The reason for my 3 of 6 planes rating is that the food wasn't anything special...AT ALL. The variety was pleasant but the quality fell short. I skipped the breakfast line, but on the lunch line was salad, bread, sliced roast turkey, a chicken dish, rice pilaf, mixed vegetables and a carving station. My wife disliked her turkey and chomped down on a piece of walnut that still had the shell on. I thought the sauce on the chicken missed its mark by a mile, and the roast beef was cooked perfectly but lacked much flavor. The desserts were good, again with variety, but nothing that Publix bakery couldn't replicate was great ease. Frankly, the salad and the bread and butter was the best food we had!

Walking amongst giant oaks, horses, and aircraft activity that ranged from Texans to Lakes to helicopters was a great experience. I would recommend that everyone check this brunch out once just for the aura. The $40 cost is a joke in terms of the food, but worth it as far as being able to enjoy the public part of the grounds, enjoy the company of great people, and get a glimpse of John Travolta's front yard with its "taxi-up" B707 ramp.

Pilot Report by Jason L. - out of 6

Submitted on February 5, 2009 @ 9:31 pm:

Showalter's, Orlando - KORL

Flew in for two days, was met by a cheerful lineman and waved to a space to tie down. Desk folks very nice and accomodating, offered no tiedown fees for gas of any quantity. I needed ten gallons. Arranged rental car and hotel in minutes. Beautiful facility.
I'll go there again!

Pilot Report by Kurt B. - out of 6

Submitted on February 2, 2009 @ 12:24 pm:

Highjackers, Palm Coast - KXFL

Stopped last Friday for a quick bite and was quite happy with the service, atmosphere and food quality. Air motif.

Pilot Report by Kurt B. - out of 6

Submitted on February 2, 2009 @ 11:54 am:

Gin Mill, Deland - KDED

Great hamburgers - great service by a very friendly (and pretty) waitress - the outside deck gives a nice view of the runway. It is just a nice airport restaurant. We always enjoy it.

Pilot Report by Paul Y. - out of 6

Submitted on January 14, 2009 @ 6:24 pm:

JR's Runway Cafe, Sebring - KSEF

Just an informational note to let pilots know that the restaurant at Sebring Airport is under new management. New menu, new staff.

Try it out!!

Pilot Report by Diane R.

Submitted on January 13, 2009 @ 7:35 am:


Bunky's Barstorm'n Cafe, Bartow - KBOW

Went for Sunday Lunch and did their $7.95 Buffet. Restaurant was clean with attentive service. The buffet had freshly prepared with hot food & a good "country" variety. It included real fried chicken, BBQ pork, beans, cabbage, greens, corn, real mashed taters + more items. There was also a nice salad bar with the buffet. We are fussy and there was nothing to "fuss" about. We will return. Also SS fuel is inexpensive near the terminal. We need to support these fly-in restaurants!

Pilot Report by Bruce F. - out of 6

Submitted on January 7, 2009 @ 5:00 pm:

The Landing Strip Cafe, Okeechobee - KOBE

I've eaten several times at the Landing Strip cafe. The food itself is generally pretty good and nice and cheap! I like to compare the food to what you might find in your local golf shop's snack shop. The club sandwiches are pretty good and the breakfast menu has lots of choices. All the folks up at OBE are really accommodating. I landed a few minutes before the restaurant closed one afternoon, and they reopened the fridge to make me a sandwich. The Landing Strip Cafe and KOBE is well worth a visit, if not for the restaurant, then for the cheap 100LL!

Pilot Report by Steve T.

Submitted on December 28, 2008 @ 8:47 pm:

Anne's, Cedar Key - KCDK

I recently flew into CDK with my father for lunch. We were asked over the CTAF if we needed a cab and when we landed, the cabbie recommended we eat at Anne's, saying, "It's where the locals eat." The restaurant wasn't too crowded, but service was brutally slow (although I'm told most restaurants on Cedar Key are this way). There is a small dining room and wooden picnic tables on the back patio. I had the grouper sandwich - it came served on texas toast and with a side of fries. It was pretty good, albeit a little on the greasy side. They didn't skimp on the fish. My father ordered a chef's salad, that he said was "pretty okay." Anne's seems to be a "middle of the road" kinda place that won't do you wrong, but isn't anything to write home about, either.

Lunch for 2 was about $20.

Pilot Report by Steve T. - out of 6

Submitted on December 28, 2008 @ 8:40 pm:

Turtle Krawls Bar & Grill, Key West - KEYW

On a recent trip, we decided to revisit Turtle Krawls. Not being seafood fanatics, a visit to Key West occasionally brings dining issues. Not this time.

We passed about a dozen restaurants on the way to this one. Each one with its own flavor of fried seafood. About 200 feet from this place, the smell of Barbeque is almost overpowering. An entire page of the menu is dedicated to roasted chicken, beef and pork. I ordered the St. Louis dry rub ribs. They fell off the bone when poked with a fork. My wife ordered the chicken and ribs combo platter. Amazing. Each served with slaw and beans, and we added a side salad. A full bar is available, and the service is top notch. Ask to sit on the roof top. It offers a great view of the Key West Marina. You will really enjoy this place.

Can't really tell you about the seafood. But considering that this place has been around for decades, something must be going right. They are also open for breakfast. We've had that on a previous trip. Its worth the walk.

I can give it 5 19/37ths of a plane. (Just want to see if Jeff can figure out how to split the plane up this way.

Pilot Report by Joe S. - out of 6

Submitted on December 27, 2008 @ 10:48 pm:

Brima's, Lakeland - KLAL

Stopped by their restaurant today for a quick bite. Been there about a year ago, decided to try it again... read more

Pilot Report by Joe S. - of 6

Submitted on December 22, 2008 @ 10:11 pm

The Landing Strip Cafe, Okeechobee - KOBE

Flew in on a Sunday about 11:00 AM. Still serving breakfast which was very good. Price was right too. Got seated right away although they did seem busy... read more

Pilot Report by Barry S. - out of 6

Submitted on December 21, 2008 @ 4:31 pm:

Outer Marker Cafe, Titusville - KTIX

Jill and the ladies do and outstanding job at providing great food at reasonable prices. The soups are home made... read more

Pilot Report by Albert V. - out of 6

Submitted on December 18, 2008 @ 2:22 pm:

Gator Joes, Lake Weir

This is a great spot for seaplanes to head to. Great beach to beach aircraft and if open there is a ramp for amphibians. Food is good and priced well. Views are good nice lunch spot.

Pilot Report by Jack S. - out of 6

Submitted on December 11, 2008 @ 6:48 pm:

Kennedy Space Center, Titusville - KTIX

Flying up from Lantana for the day, we landed at Titusville to visit the Kennedy Space Center. We landed a Space Coast Regional (TIX) and park at Bristow Air Center. The FBO was great, meet us on the ramp, and had us a cab. After a ten minute cab ride ($20.00), we were dropped off at Kennedy Space Center. The visitor Center was very cool, and the "Then and Now" tour was a great way to learn about the history of space flight. We got annual passes ($50.00) and the tour was ($20.00), seems high but worth it if we go back. The food was the same at any amusement park, but not as expensive at Disney World. I would recommend all pilots to fly in to TIX for the day and see the Space Center.

Pilot Report by James F. - out of 6

Submitted on December 8, 2008 @ 11:08 am:

Brima's, Lakeland - KLAL

We stopped in for lunch after a visit to the Florida Air Museum at Sun N Fun on 12/4/08. This was our first visit to Lakeland, and after receiving several recommendations... read more

Pilot Report by Steve W. out of 6

Submitted on December 8, 2008 @ 8:37 am

Honoluana Island Grill, Venice (KVNC)

Restaurant-new owners effective August 2007-friendly tiki bar atmosphere. Owners Dad, Cub Morrison retired as a DC-10 Captain with Overseas National Airways (formerly Navy pilot for 20 years). "We cater to pilots." "Fly-in or Drive-in" "On Venice Island at the Airport" Gate 10. Call us 941 483-3553 & we will open Gate 10 for you. See our website for video clip, entertainment & menu. Award winning Chef!
We accept reservations for dinner in the upstairs "Tiki Room."

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