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Jack Brown's Seaplane Base, Winter Haven, Florida

OK folks, if you've never had an opportunity to fly a seaplane, then get to Jack Brown's Seaplane Base in Winter Haven, Florida. I've been flying Cherokees, Katanas, Beech Skippers, Cessnas and a few others for the past several years, but jump in a Piper J3 on floats and your world will change. The Cub I flew had a new 100hp engine and was quite spunky. With the doors open, the wind on your face, it was "back to basics" stick & rudder flying.

I spent $ 140.00 for a hour of instruction which included 12 takeoffs and landings, one being a simulated glassy water takeoff and landing, and a circling takeoff (too cool). It difficult to describe the experience without using colorful expressions, so I will just say, "IT WAS A THRILL OF A LIFETIME", and well worth the bucks spent...

Visit Jack Brown's Seaplane Base website at:

Below are a few pics of the base and aircraft.

by - jdl

last update 05/12/2005

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